Experimental Music

Experimental Music

The Experimental Music Project has begun since year 2016.

The first goal was to find a new and unique way of playing SETAR. This goal was later extended to the singing experience as well as other instruments.

This project has been progressing very slowly.

It is clear that making such an album would be costly for him. Therefore, any financial support for the implementation of this project will be truly appreciated. Ultimately Sepehri is planning to release the album with or without financial backing.

The unofficial parts of this experimental project will be updated below this section and may be partially released on YouTube and Instagram to attract audiences.

It is natural that audio files published in this section are copyrighted and are not permitted to be used elsewhere of be published by anyone else.

The only accepted method is to mention a link to this project to get the audience’s attention.

Album Project Progress

Note: These bars indicate the progress of the final pieces which are ready to be recorded.

Track No.01 91%
Track No.02 72%
Track No.03 62%
Track No.04 48%
Track No.05 30%

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