Festa e Këngës Shqiptare

Festa e Këngës Shqiptare
The final days of this music festival will be from May 28-31.
All the songs brought to the festival will be streamed on all Focus Media Group channels including News24, not only the much-watched TV channel but also the Youtube channel, BalkanWeb and Albanian Radio, ‘Albanian Gazette‘ and ‘Panorama Gazette‘.
The artists participating in this event will be promoted on these channels. The songs will go through several stages to select from and starting from 26 January, every Saturday and Sunday you will be able to follow the artists who brought the songs to the Big Festival, being released by News24, but also during week on News24 television programming.

In 22 February during the show ‘Once upon a time was music’ the song will be broadcast with just one instrument, while in March the song will be orchestrated and sang.

With the renowned artists on stage will also perform new talents. The songs will initially be broadcast as they come with only one instrument, one stanza and one refrain. The first selections will start there. All new entrants who compete will perform without effects or orchestra, but only live with one piano, accompanied by artist Gjergj Leka or anyone of their choice. Those who attend will have the opportunity to receive lessons in singing technique from the cantonal lecturer Alma Strazimiri, who will teach young people the imposting of singing.

The jury of this festival will be the wonderful tele-porters who watch this musical show on News24 every week, as well as the Aldo Morning Show on tv clan.
100 of the fans of these shows will be selected, who will form the jury of the Albanian Song Festival.

This event will be organised in a very beautiful environment in Baldushk. All the activity will be an open-air natural setting away from the usual halls we are used to seeing. For this reason, May has been chosen. Let this spring festival be, where new songs and former Albanian successes whistle at us every beautiful day when the sun comes up.


Every song of yours will be judged by an art lover and no other jury, but there is only one condition that must be beautiful music and beautiful lyrics as well.


Melody and Demo 100%
Promotional Video 100%
Performance with one instrument 52%
Composing 55%
Composer: Gjergj K. Leka
Final Performance 0%

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Këngëtarin desident iranian që këndon mrekullisht shqip “ta bëjmë dhe zyrtarisht shqiptar”…

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Gjergj Leka (The Artistic Director and Organiser)

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